Quality Assurance

Quality assurance, there's always room for improvement

There’s always room for improvement

'I do not do ‘mocksteds’. You can never recreate an inspection, as so much depends on what happens on the day. However, I do carry out Quality Assurance visits and Early Years Audits. 

I use Ofsted’s Early Years Inspection Handbook, the grade descriptors, and the early years foundation stage to make secure judgements based on evidence. During my visits, I identify the setting’s key strengths and areas for improvement. I provide advice and support to help make the necessary improvements. It is not helpful to expect, or want, nurseries to do anything in addition to prepare for inspections. However, I believe that nurseries should be ever ready for inspection and preparation should focus on providing consistently good quality learning, play and care. I can help you to accurately evaluate the setting's strengths and weaknesses; and to develop action plans to address any shortfalls in practice.

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Early Years Audit

Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard and then succeed on purpose.

  • Do you know your settings key strengths and areas for development? 

  • Are these reflected in your self-evaluation; and importantly do you know how to make the necessary improvements? 

  • Are you confident that the quality of teaching, learning and assessment is at least good?

  • Are you confident that you meet all the welfare requirements of the early Years foundation stage?

  • Are you prepared and ready for an Ofsted inspection? 

If you respond ‘No’ to any of the above, I can help you. 

I am a former HMI (Early Years specialist) with over 20 years of inspection experience. I can conduct an Early Years Audit of your setting and help you prioritise your workload. 

I will help you make sure you are meeting the EYFS requirements. Failure to meet the requirements set out in the statutory framework could massively affect your Ofsted grade.