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The Learning Journey Day Nursery


This morning I delivered my Education Inspection Framework seminar / workshop to these fantastic early years practitioners. Thank you Penny Virdee for inviting me to work with your wonderful team. Together you inspire me with your dedication, enthusiasm and passion for delivering high quality teaching, learning and care to the children who attend your settings. It was such a pleasure working with you all. Please invite me again.

"Hi thank you so much I’m sat at home looking more into it I want to make sure I’m fully prepared" 


"was a brilliant training session best i've ever been to; very informative, thank you for visiting us" 


(early years practitioner)


On our training evaluation feed back forms we ask for feedback on the following criteria and received either good and excellent rating on all of them

  • Training was relevant to my needs
  • Materials provided were helpful
  • Content was well-organised
  • Questions were encouraged 
  • Instructions were clear and understandable
  • Training met my expectations
  • The trainer was effective.



We also received additional comments including:

  • Really helpful, lovely ideas and presentation given. Highly recomended
  • Always amazing to listen to, highly recommended 
  • Very informative
  • Amazing!
  • Training was very informative, showing to have more confidence when due for Ofsted. Giving clear information about new framework
  • Very in-depth training. Thank your so much!
  • It's been fab and Deborah is lovely :)
  • Really good, informative interactive course.
  • Training was very detailed and full of ideas.



‘I really enjoyed (the seminar) and came away feeling very motivated. I think the courses you run help us to feel empowered as leaders and face Ofsted with confidence. We are due (an inspection) any day now, so these courses have come just at the right time for me’.


‘I was saying ….how good you are at putting people at ease. I genuinely enjoyed (the seminar) and it made me feel so motivated to go into work tomorrow and up my game in motivating others’.


feedback from recent seminar


Fantastic service - Five Stars *****

Deborah Udakis Consultancy is a wonderful service, the level of service is extremely high and I would happily recommend. The quality of work and ideas given to help the business thrive has made not only myself but also other colleagues confident in what we do. Deborah has a wonderful personality, she is always a joy to work with and we can not thank Deborah Udakis Consultancy enough for all they do. 


Great inspiration

Deborah is a great inspiration and has a real genuine passion for the early years, her work is unconditional and sets a real example for working with children who will benefit from her experiences


It would be a dream ...

Deborah Udakis Consultancy Ltd I love reading what you are up too. Lots of respect for what you do and how you feel about childcare. It would be my dream to be given the opportunities to do what you do 👍 x

review on Facebook

People saying nice things


Brightens my day....

‘Deborah I can hardly believe that you’ll be leaving us. I have so much valued the work you have done and the detailed updates you’ve given me on progress. Every time I’ve had a query you’ve been so quick and helpful in your response. Most importantly though a conversation with you always lifts and brightens the day. I wish you every success in your next steps. Very best wishes – you’ll be greatly missed.’  

knowledgeable and confident ....

 ‘I am sorry to hear that you are to leave Ofsted. You are a knowledgeable and confident inspector and you leaving will be a loss to the organisation. You were very helpful to me with my mentoring and I feel that I learned a lot from you. Good luck in your new enterprise. I have had a look at the website and it is looking great. All the best for the future and I hope to see you again at some point.’  

Commitment and professionalism ....

‘On behalf of us all in (LA) can I thank you for all of your hard work, commitment and professionalism and for the very high quality of the information, support and guidance you have given us over the past few years. We will miss you greatly and hope that your new career turns out to be all that you want it to be. My very best wishes for your new venture.’  

I was fortunate to work alongside you ....

‘I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your new venture. I was fortunate to work alongside you, only for a short time, but I respected your expertise and the challenge you offered. Maybe our paths will cross again.’  

Respected and honest colleague ....

‘Farewell dear friend..... and thank you for everything as you will always be to my mind HMI and a much respected and honest colleague’.  

You will be greatly missed ....

‘Deborah. It has been really great to work with you and very enjoyable too. I am sorry that you are going, you will be greatly missed. Hope the next adventure works out for you.’  

We always welcome your feedback and constructive comments

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