Readymade training packages

a range of team training and powerpoint presentations to support Early Years EYFS leaders

Team Training .......

I have available, a range of team training and PowerPoint presentations to support Early Years leader and practitioners in their professional development. 

Powerpoint presentation training packages available for FGM, Parental Engagement, Strong Leadership

Powerpoint presentations .......

I have presentations including team training activity materials on an eclectic range of subjects including: 

  • Female Genital Mutilation, 
  • Parental Engagement, 
  • supporting effective teaching and learning re: Two-year-olds, 
  • Strong Leadership, 
  • Outstanding Practice, 
  • Readiness for Inspection, 
  • Getting to Good and beyond. 

My presentations vary in length from 1-3 hours, come with detailed speaker notes and are designed to be used by leaders to deliver to their teams.

Training packages available for outstanding practice, readiness for inspection, Strong leadership

Development portfolio .....

I am keen to hear your ideas and areas of interest to help me build my training and development portfolio. Please contact me with your suggestions for additional relevant and timely training packages and support materials that would help you and your teams to develop your practice

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Bespoke Training

Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence.


Avoid paying extortionate prices for team training by booking your training event with me. I will deliver training in-house at your chosen venue. I will work closely with you to coordinate and choreograph each course successfully, in order to deliver on agreed learning outcomes. I draw on my extensive experience and network of academic and industry experts to create entirely unique training courses, workshops and seminars to meet your early years training requirements.

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At a recent T&W training session “Being ready for inspection everyday” 96% of the attendees found the course to be either Good or Excellent!

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